Aokigahara Jyukai, also known as the sea of trees or more notoriously as the suicide woods of Mt. Fuji.  A place with so much mystery and intrigue that if this forest could talk it would weave a tale that would fill volumes and make your hair stand on end.

I have journeyed to this place for years and it never fails to disappoint.  Aside from the very beautiful scenery and the majestic Mt. Fuji as the backdrop, the forest has a peaceful and eerily quiet sensation to it.  When you are walking through paper writer the woods, you sometimes feel like you are not alone, and chances are… you’re not. Did I really just see something moving over there?  Was it my imagination?  Is the forest getting to me, with the macabre history and the twisted, gnarled disorientating trees…not to mention the lore surrounding this place.  It doesn’t take much time here to make your mind go places it shouldn’t stray.

This is the official website for my documentary project.  Included here is the three part series on Aokigahara where I investigate the history, scientific and paranormal side of the suicide woods. You’ll also find the detailed accounts of my trips to Aokigahara, special notes, thoughts and commentary that are not included in the completed documentary.  Think of this website as an explorers diary.  It has my personal thoughts and feelings about the experiences I’ve had in Aokigahara; which have been many.  That forest has a far-reaching grip and sometimes it doesn’t let go when you leave the dark woods behind…

The legend of the suicide woods begins here.




Part I

In part one of the documentary, we take an informative tour of Japan’s religion and folklore and explore the history of Aokigahara itself. The lore and facts are presented and compared, and a conclusion is drawn as to why this place of all places was chosen the be “…the perfect place to die.”

Part II

In part two of the documentary, we take a scientific approach to investigating the forest and surrounding areas.  Are the magnetic disturbances causing hallucinations?  Does it really cause electronic equipment to malfunction and compasses to point the wrong direction?

Part III

In part three of this documentary series, the investigation switches gears and investigates the paranormal aspects of the forest.  It’s purported to be one of the most haunted places on Earth.  What did we find lurking in the deep corners of the suicide forest?